Xhorse VVDI2 VAG ID48 transponder key chip copy authorization service is available in vvdishop.com.


How to open VVDI2 ID48 transponder key chip copy function?

Provide your VVDI2 S/N (serial number) to us and pay 100 USD for the ID48 copy authorization service.



Q: Do I need to register with condor to use the ID48 chip copy function?

A: No, don’t need to register with Condor key cutting machine.


Q: Is it required to have the authorization of the edc17 ??

A: No, no require to open edc17 authorization.


Q: Which transponder need to use?

A: You will need VVDI2 universal transponder and data collector  (shown as picture display). Will soon be available.




How to  copy 48 transponder with VVDI2?

1.Run VVDI2 Quick Start icon,and click VW car brand.Or run directly the VVDI2 Vag software icon.

2.Click Key learn>>4th immobilizer system – copy 48 transponder


3.Copy 48 procedure require PIN and component security bytes from cars.

4.Select Get component security from engine control unit via obdii.

5.Connect the emulator to VVDI2 commander and switch ON ignition with the emulator, switch OFF/ON for 3 times

(attention: it requires OBD when lost all key).

6.Decode the collected data via internet, and save the calculate 48 data. You can copy/prepare key with calculate 48 data.


7.Learn the new key with calculate 48 data. If the key was made by copy, it can start engine without key learn